The Warning Of 9 April, 2008 To God's People

I wish this was a wonderful and cheery message, but it is not...
This is not a typical message. It is a message I must share with you and then ask that you spread to our brothers and sisters in Christ.
For some time now I have sensed something was coming upon this land, the United States. I was not sure what it was I was sensing, but I knew that it would eventually be revealed. And now I believe it has been given to me, an understanding of something quite difficult.
We are taught that it is important to not just recognise the signs and times of the seasons, but the signs of the times as well. Some of these signs would be obvious, perhaps even a little misleading. Some signs would be less obvious, but more pointed and indicative of what was really going on.
The things I've been witness to have been some of both. I have prayed and I have waited and I have watched and I have read much, seeking to understand what is coming upon us. It has come together, finally, and through much prayer I truly believe what I am about to tell you will happen.
The most obvious sign of this time in which we live, of what is happening, is that we are in a recession. That was pretty obvious with the tightening of the lending institutions due to the sub-prime debacle. Well, this debacle has turned out to be fairly substantive, encompassing a great deal of the institutions involved as well as destroying the lives of the borrowers who were foolhardy enough to sign the papers on houses they really could not afford. But this is not about fault and blame, we're beyond that. It is about the reality of what we face.
Even the government admits, now, that we are functionally in a recession. If people are behaving like it, then you just accept that even if the "signs" you follow don't indicate it, because average people are treating it as such, because of lower spending by the populace, you are truly in that very state, a recession.
But, and this is where it gets hard, what I have been seeing in other areas, in other sectors, is that what looms is more than a recession, even a protracted recession. It is a Depression.
It may not be as severe as the Great Depression, nor as long, but I believe based on what I have observed, read and prayed about, that this is the early stages of a real bona fide Depression.
Here's a bit of the thinking, what I've read, observed and prayed about behind how I got there...
Petrol has skyrocketed in price by a dollar a gallon in just one year.
India and China are vying for a larger piece of the limited available resource of oil in the world. And the United States (and others) is fueling their thirst because we now (and for the last ten years) employ them as our manufacturing base. This creates an economy in which people are now making sufficient money to be able to afford things. And one of the things they want is transportation. But industry uses petrol products even more than their populace now flush with money consumes. Add to this that a company in India is about to go into full scale production on a $2500 car that people are clamouring to purchase.
With the rising cost of petrol, transportation costs rise. All our food, dry goods, consumables and more are ferried around this country on trucks planes and trains, all of which use petrol to drive their engines. Transportation costs rise, product costs rise. And we have what is commonly called inflation.
Even though the Fed lowers the prime lending rate, this action cannot assuage the rising cost of a resource (oil) for which there are now more clamouring to possess. Supply and demand determine cost. Petroleum products are in high demand and so command premium prices.
Inflation eats more of your money. You make the same wage, but it doesn't go as far. Add to this the fact that there are so many dollars flooded into the world currency market, and you have a deflation of value. This further induces inflated prices and eats even more out of your paycheck at the end of the day because your money is worth less (not quite worthless... yet).
So, what have we got so far... People spending less... recession. Commodities in high demand creating short supply which drives up the cost of almost everything... inflation. A marketplace flooded with US currency that drives the value of that currency down... devalued currency.
Add these together and that spells Depression.
All these conditions existed in the late 1920's, but for somewhat different reasons, which doesn't really matter. The important information is that the conditions are similar today as to that time.
And the world is beginning to react to some of the problems here in the United States.
If the American public are not buying products from Japan, China and Europe, these countries don't see income from our expenditures. Their economies experience a slowdown unless they can find other markets to exploit to keep their products moving. If they don't, they have to cut not only production, but prices, eating into profits, thereby bringing their own kind of devaluation to light. This will potentially bring about a certain panic in the populace of these countries and they'll start saving money against possible hard times. They, too, will stop spending. And if they cut production, fewer products are on the market, which will, ironically, drive up the sales price you and I will pay!
Which brings up the fourth point here... savings.
The people in the United States are not saving anything for the proverbial rainy day -- which is just about to begin. Savings in this country are at -2%, as of about a year or so ago -- negative two percent (!); who knows what it is today. In fact the American consumer averages around $8,000 in real credit card debt -- not including mortgages. And if you add in that homeowners also carry a fair amount of home equity debt -- leveraging the security of their home, the only real asset most folks have -- you see there is really a much deeper problem than what we are hearing about in the news. And most analysts don't even consider home equity loans as "real" debt.
After reading, observing, listening and praying about all this, I asked the Lord and I was drawn to understand the nature of why this is coming upon our country.
As 9/11 was a warning (for which I received a whole lot of angry response; tell the truth and people don't like it), so this is a further warning, even a "mild" judgment upon our land for our failure to learn, our failure to turn away from the ever expanding acceptance, even promotion, of sin and licentiousness that permeates this land. And God's people are complacent in their efforts to educate those who live in ignorance of the truth of what is coming upon this land -- in part because they do not themselves know what is coming! How can this be?
The coming Depression is only the "beginning", though it really started much earlier than a mere few years back. This goes back thirty and more years. Regardless, though, we are where we are because God's people have, for the past three decades, taken a passive position in their beliefs about the role of God's people in the affairs of the country in which they live (and it isn't just here in the US that this is so).
So that you do not misconstrue what I am saying; what is manifesting here first will spread across the world one way or another. It is not merely the United States that is wayward, it is the whole of the earth that has abandoned, if ever they followed, the one true God, their responsibilities to know God as Sovereign and to carry out His will in the place in which they live.
If I understand all this correctly, this country will be in a very real Depression within one year, sometime around April to May of 2009. We have one year to prepare, to spread the warning, before calamity hits this land hard.
Ah, but we're not done yet...
At the beginning of April I got a further instruction.
I was praying regarding the events about to unfold, striving for clarity and confirmation, when I asked a simple question about how I would live through this. I asked, "So what should I do?" The answer was startlingly simple.
Store food. Dry goods, imperishable things that will keep; flour, dried beans, canned goods, dehydrated and powdered goods.
I asked the Lord, "Is this not hoarding? What about living in our faith that you will provide?"
Then it was given to me to remember the story of Joseph and the Pharaoh's dream of the seven fat cows and the seven lean cows, how the seven lean cows devoured the seven fat cows. The dream was a warning of a coming calamity. Egypt would suffer seven years of famine, but not before seven years of plenty. We know Joseph proposed storing enough provisions during the seven years of plenty to weather the seven years of famine that would follow.
I then asked how long the Depression would last. To this question I have not yet received an answer. But I know that prudence and wisdom say to begin storing provisions now while the time is easy and the days are long (metaphorically), to prepare for the coming hardship and days of longing.
So I adjure you to take this counsel, pray on it, meditate before the Lord, inquire what He would have you do in this matter. Then warn your brothers and sisters in Christ, counsel them to stop the frivolous spending, save their money and to store provisions for their families.
And let us pray, too, that this judgment shall be understood and that people will repent and turn once again to the Lord of Life, the Provider, our Redeemer and Prince of princes, Christ Jesus, that those days may be shortened and the Lord relents His anger.
Peace and Truth in Christ Jesus be your guiding principles.